Why Prequalify?

When buying a home you have an idea of the price that is comfortable or the payment that works with your budget but do you know you will get approved for the loan when you make that offer?  Does your contract finance contingency cover your approval parameters? 

Prequalifying gives you as well as the seller the confidence that you can make the purchase.  From contract to close often times there are many contingencies that have to be met along the way including but not limited to financing which includes the borrower qualifying as well as the home value.  Other contingencies maybe home inspections, repair requirements, tenant occupancy, and other items to consider.

Before going under contract give me a call or start your loan process here online.  I will receive notice of the application and will assist you along the way in the process.  Based on your loan approval I will issue you a Pre-Approval to send with your offer to strengthen your purchase power.  Easily log back into the system to update your information, message me or check the status of your loan once the process begins.  Need help along the way?  No problem.  I can log in and assist you on the fly keeping your loan process running smoothly.  

Not sure what kind of plan fits your goals.  I can help there too.  I'll recommend programs that make sense for the type of purchase, refinance or cash-out financing that works for you.